RUDSPICE was born from a vision of making bland food spicier for my family. We spent a few years working on the right mix of spices. The goal was to bring out a robust flavor, big when it needs to be, and subtle enough to taste what is being cooked. Word spread and soon we made batches for friends and family members for the holidays and special occasions. The feedback has been incredible. After hundreds of bottles, we never thought it would attain the cult following it has.



“Experts say that there are five commonly agreed upon taste sections of the tongue. They are sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami (savory). Over the course of a few years, we found the right balance for yours. RUDSPICE is comprised of 5 chilies of varying heat and other exotic spices designed to conduct a symphony across your tongue.”



Over the coarse of many months after hours of hard work RUDSPICE was featured in many different pieces of press.



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